Negotiating is always the most important thing whether you buy a used car from a private party or a dealer. This idea is not favored by many but by knowing some killer tips and tricks, you will surely get out of the deal unscathed and successful.

Decide on the Car You Want

Not having any specific car in mind while wandering in a car lot will make you end up making a not so good vehicle choice. Look for cars online before going to the dealers. If the dealer is located far from your area, you can call ahead to check if they have the car you like in stock. Most deal websites are updated but not in real time.

Look Into A High-Volume Vehicle

If you want a car that sells in thousands, your purchasing power will be better. You can always find an option that meets or is close to your specifications and walking away can be pretty easy because you know that ad listings will always have an almost similar product available.

Know the Carís Value

Once you have decided for a particular car, research online to know its value. Some sites provide numbers for private party and dealer retail adjusted depending on your region. Check out a few to have a good range for average price.

Check the Records

A vehicle history report and service records may not necessarily be a good proof of a vehicleís history but these will give you an idea of the kind of life that it had in the past. Confirmation of crucial maintenance such as clutch, timing belt and other pricy works are a great bargaining tool that can help you determine the possible operating costs in the future.
Know When to Walk Away
Or you should at least give your offer a time to simmer. Intense negotiations must be avoided but make sure that you stick to the range that you are willing to pay for. If things do not go your war, just stay cool and accept the impasse. See to it that you leave your contact number to the seller and say your thanks for the time. If your bluff is not acknowledged and the negotiations are not set forth, let it be. At least, you will not be pressured into an offer that you do not want in the first place.

Itís All About Timing

So far, it is true that deals are better by the end of the month yet there are also cases when dealers are more flexible. Generally, holidays are slower times because consumers are busy shopping for other items. For the dealers in snowy and cold regions, slowness can continue during the months of winter. Personally I’d recommend Hertz Car Sales Marietta for used cars as even at the beginning of the month there is still a wide variety of deals.

Make the Most of Your Money

For those who consider the price as the sticky point and would rather not forget about the deal altogether, you can negotiate the seller to give you more for the value. Private parties can offer professional detailing, oil change or full tank of gas. Dealers can also do similar things and more. You just need to ask.

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Best Kept Secrets and Tips For Buying Your Dream Car This 2015

It does not matter if you will buy a new or a used car because at the end of the day, this is still an expensive investment. In fact, next to a house, this is the second priciest purchase that consumers ever have in their lives. For you to be sure that you will put your money in a wise investment, there are some tips that you can use so that you will have a smooth purchasing process and find the car that has a good value and is something you will love to drive at the same time.

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Know Your Budget

Know how much you are willing to spend before you shop for a car. This way, you will not go beyond your financial limits and you can also be confident when you finally negotiate with a dealer. For setting your budget, the rule of thumb is to set aside not over 20% of your income for every car driven by the household’s family members. The budget should not just include the payments for the car loan but also other expenses, such as gas, repairs, maintenance and insurance.

Come Up with a Short List of Choices

For sure you already have your eyes set on some cars and you can start by learning more about the models that caught your interest through the websites of independent car information companies. Some details to look for include the features, invoice and retail prices. This way, you can determine the cars in your list that can give you what you need and want.

Weigh the Good and Bad Sides of New and Used Cars

If you plan to buy either a used or a new car, see to it that you know the good and bad sides of each. New cars are usually great because of the warrant and possibly even a free maintenance but used cars will give you more than your money’s worth. Just know your options so you will not end up disappointed.

Research the Costs of Ownership

Buying a car does not stop with paying for it. Ownership costs should also be considered and there are car information sites that can help you out.


Dealership Financing Must not Always be Your Only Option

Financing at the car dealership seems easy but most of the time, this is not the best deal. Car dealers are basically the middlemen to a car loan and they get paid for each loan they write. Better shop around first to know your options.

Know the Best Rate of Interest

It will be best if you can get preapproved for a car loan from a credit union or a bank even if you have plans of getting a dealership financing. Don’t think that you will be qualified for the low interest or zero percent dealer loan because less than 10% of the buyers are qualified.

Look for Discounts

Every dealer always has a special offer to attract more customers. Make sure that you research about all the possible discounts online before visiting their lot and showrooms. We recommend Hertz Car Sales for quality used cars in allentown.

Know the Bottom Line Value of the Car

When you know the bottom line prices of cars, you can be guided when you negotiate with the private party or dealer. Your aim should be to get an agreement on an amount close to the invoice price of the vehicle.

Prepare for Negotiations

Negotiating can go a long way when buying a car. Get the best deal by being prepared with all your research materials before you meet with the dealer.

Don’t Rush with the Test Drive

As your hard earned will be spent on your car, you surely want to make the most out of your test drive. Check everything, from the big details to even the smallest features and try to determine if you are comfortable driving the car in different situations and places.

7 Ways How Having a Limo for a Party is great!

7 Ways How Having a Limo for a Party is great!

Whether used as the venue or a means to get to one, having a limo at a party is great fun. Here are 7 ways how. Some are more obvious than others.

Setting the vibe

If used for transportation to the party venue, a limo can be customized to provide a party-like environment with drinks and music to prepare guests mentally for the fun ahead. Nothing looks better than a stretched out limo with personal Chauffeur Service. See Drive-line limousines in Stuttgart.


With a limo ride you need not worry about who has to be the designated driver since every limo comes with its own qualified driver. A limo is also much bigger and more secure in case of an accident.

Guest transport taken care of

As the host of the party, it is only fair that you get to enjoy the every moment without worrying about how everyone will get home. A limo service will drop the guests to their homes easing your stress.

Save money

A limo has a high passenger capacity and many people can be transported at the same time. This is a much cheaper alternative to hiring a fleet of cars for the party. We are not saying that limo’s are cheap, they are of course a luxury good. When split between a group it can work out quite cost effective.


Do you need to host a party without drawing much attention to the crowd and yourself? In a limo, the party is confined to the walls of the vehicle and offers as private a party as you can ever get.

Style and pomp

A limo is not a concept everyone has at their party but when it is there, you can be sure your party will be the talk of the town for quite a while. It is something which will make a special occasion more memorable. Event President Obama likes limos, see article.


Unlike taxis which may not be available at late hours, limo services are available around the clock. If you have your own private driver, he will be available 24/7.

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Welcome On Board – First Class Travel
If quality, style, comfort and practicality are important to you when travelling on business or pleasure, Premier Private Hire’s new 6 seater, air conditioned top of the range executive vehicle, is the perfect luxury private hire vehicle, providing the latest in passenger comfort, safety and style.
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Flexible Seating Options
You can choose to travel with passengers all facing forwards, or the seating can be adjusted in the rear of the vehicle so that up to 5 passengers can sit facing inwards with a multifunctional table available for refreshments, reading materials etc, with the sixth passenger travelling in the front. Whatever your choice there is plenty of leg room for all passengers. Please indicate your seating preference at the time of booking.
In Car Facilities & Services
For your personal enjoyment Premier Private Hire’s luxury vehicle offers: 3-zone air conditioning, drop down DVD for ‘movies on the move’ with onboard DVD library, optional wireless headphones, reading lights, sun blinds, double electric side doors for ease of access either side of the vehicle, sliding rear side windows, ISOFIX child seat mountings, under seat passenger drawers for storage, 8 speaker Ipod compatible audio system so you play your choice of music, 12 v chargers for lap tops and mobile phones, chill box, complimentary soft refreshments, newspapers and magazines; making this the ideal vehicle for executive private hire and special events.Look at Miniracing scalextric hire (Pinterest)
Complimentary Extras
Soft drinks, magazines, newspapers and maps are provided on every journey with Premier Private Hire including complimentary bubbly on board for all Special Ocassions.
Optional Services
Include secure separate luggage or equipment trailer and children’s car seats as required.